Jonathan Higgins

black and white image of two cd players with a dj mixer with some green highlights

Glitch Turntablism

Noisy, glitchy free improvisation using three hacked Sony Discman players and a cheap DJ mixer. This project came from a frustration with the limitations of digital DJ equipment which, predominantly imitates vinyl. Modifying CD players uncovered a world of noise usually hidden within the circuitry. Utilising these modified players I can warp and glitch the content of the CDs live. This digital, glitch turntablism exploits the noise of digital audio, producing results wholly unlike turntablism using vinyl.

Bootles EP - out now on Fractal Meat Cuts

In 2019 I released an EP of Glitch Turntablism title Bootlegs on the label Fractal Meat Cuts. Bootlegs began as two low quality recordings of glitch turntablism gigs. These raw, unprocessed recordings were burnt to CDs, improvised with and the output recorded. This process was repeated cyclically to make the four tracks on the EP. By the end all that is left is the sound of the CD players themselves.


When Where
29.07.20, 20:00 Noise Quest Livestream
14.03.20, 19:30 Sounds Like THIS, Leeds
29.01.20, 20:00 Safehouse @ The Verdict, Brighton
28.09.19, 20:00 Steep 16 @ The Intimate Space, London
24.08.19, 19:30 Constructions 2 @ TACO, London
07.08.19, 19:00 Sonic Electronics @ The Others, London
01.08.19, 20:00 The Spirit of Gravity @ The Rossi Bar, Brighton
20.07.19, 15:00 Hatch, Sheffield
20.05.19, 19:00 City, Summer Sounds, London
11.05.19, 21:00 Liquid Sky, Berlin
10.02.19, 15:00 Splitting the Atom @ The Green Door Store, Brighton
07.02.19, 18:00 Photography Late @ Jewish Museum, London
28.07.18, 18:00 Sonic Experiences @ Guest Projects, London

Hacked Pioneer CDJs

After three years of being bashed around the old hacked Discmans are starting to fall apart. I’ve been working on a new setup for gigging with from late 2021 using some circuit bent Pioneer CDJs.